Sunday, January 17, 2016

November 11, 2015

 I have a challenge for you. Read "Our Search for Happiness." It is simple and inspiring.

So much has happened! We taught out investigator, Rosi, how to pray. It was powerful! We are teaching her that our Heavenly Father is a loving father. She grew up Catholic and always thought of God as strict rather than loving. We had her pray to feel God's love for her. It was beautiful! I have felt God's love for me asking the same question. But watching someone else feel God's love for the first time was life changing. I am so blessed to be a missionary! We challenged Rosi to read the intro to the Book of Mormon after giving her a lesson on the Restoration. The next lesson she had a whole bunch of questions! Keep in mind that this is entirely in Spanish. It was the hardest thing because not only were they more difficult Q's to answer in the first place, but we had to find out how to answer her in Spanish. I have never relied on the spirit as much as I did at that time. I had no idea what to say but prayed that I could know how to answer. The spirit brought scriptures and thoughts into me and my companion's minds. It was amazing. They were not scriptures or thoughts we had never known, but it was things we had studied previously. The Lord gets His work done. I always thought the gift of tongues was when in a specific moment of need you would just speak Spanish not knowing what you said. Although this may be true, more often this isn't the case. It's more often the spirit touching the heart of your investigator as you testify, no matter how broken your Spanish is. Or it's the ability to learn more than you could ever imagine possible within three weeks. Or it's the recollection of something you had read before hand. I love being a vessel for God's work! It is something else! 

Sister Sharie Rowley

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