Sunday, January 24, 2016

November 27, 2015

Here is the rough review of last week since I was unable to give much detail......
I have learned so much from being here at the MTC. I feel as though Christ is the potter, and as I center everything on Him, He is shaping me to be able to serve the people in Canada. I am learning so much Spanish and I LOVE teaching about this gospel. It will be our last time teaching our invetigator, Rosi, today. I'm so sad because I have grown such a love for her. God let me see her in His eyes by the spirit. Its crazy how vital the spirit is in everything. I have learned that the spirit will help you know the concerns of others because God knows everything. You may only know a glimps of someone's needs, but God knows the heart. The spirit is the key. It helps you and your investigator feel God's love.  I understand that my purpose is to bring others to Christ by the spirit. I also learned that my purpose is to help others have that change of heart, to help their faith increase, and to help them work towards baptism; but most importantly to help them understand the importance of enduring to the end. Along with the importance of investigators are members. I never realized the role and importance of members before. From teaching them, I learned that everyone has needs and that questions are so vital to inviting the spirit and reminding them of their feelings towards the Savior. I think of it as something that can be changed in their daily lives to come closer to the Savior. My testimony grows everyday. There are struggles. but I have never felt happier in my life. My goals are to speak more Spanish throughout the day and to say, like the Savior, if you know me, you know God. I am a representative of Christ, and I love what I do! I feel so blessed that God trusts me enough to give me this opportunity. I love my Savior and will keep striving to do better. I have so many weaknesses but I only hope they can become strong through Him.

Sister Sharie Rowley

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