Sunday, January 24, 2016

November 27, 2015

This last week has been the hardest yet. Satan is working hard.  Motivation has been difficult. I keep worrying that I won't be good enough. But I have seen God lifting me up. I have felt His love all the time for me, and most importantly, for His children. I had a blessing this week for health because I was feeling sick. Not only was it a blessing of health but a blessing of love becuase of the words that God wanted me to hear. He told me he was proud of my choice to serve and that He loved me and His chidren I was going to serve in Canada. This has been one of the biggest reasons I chose to serve a mission. Because of how happy this gospel is and how much love God has for everyone. I want to share God's love. I want to have the love of Christ always. He is so loving He gives us guidance in our life. As I read my patriarchal blessing, I understood it so much more. I want to learn how the spirit works because I want to be able to inspire every person I come in contact with. And this is possible if I learn the gifts of the spirit. I have seen the spirit be more influential than ever as I serve. It is the only reason missionary work is possible. I can't believe how much the patriarchal blessing has helped me, and how applicable it is to the mission. It is amazing how God gives you talents, and expects you to utilize them. I met an elder who is deaf, Elder Ross, this week. He is so cool! I was able to get to know him and become friends because I know some ASL. Don't ever give up the oportunity to utilize your gifts and talents! You'll never know the opputunities you might miss if you don't just act. We watched a talk from Elder Bednar (one of the talks he gave a couple of years ago at the MTC) and he expressed the importance of acting. So many people ask if it's them or the spirit. His answer was, it doesn't matter. If you be your best always, and act, then you will be surprised at how much the spirit influences your everyday actions. 

Another inspirational thought from an inspirational person: our choir director at the MTC. He is the funniest and most spiritual guy. He is the reason I do choir. I get so much insight from him. Anyway he told us a story of a time he was asked to give a talk to some juvenile kids who needed help. When he heard the first lady speak, before his talk, he was surprised at the disrespect the kids showed her. He said they were just mouthing cus words at her. So he gets up there and decides to talk about something completley different. He spoke about how when Jesus was walking on the water and Peter wanted to try also. Peter's faith was strong, at first. But then he forgot what he was doing. and he started to sink. As he was falling under water he cried for Jesus. Peter's hand was reached out. He was in despair. These kids had never heard this story before. One of the kids said, "Amen." And then all the kids were saying, "Amen, hallalua." They felt like Peter. The choir director finished the story of how Jesus reached down to help and rescue Peter. (That was not nearly as good as the choir director told it, sorry). But it shows that Jesus can rescue all. 

This Wednesday we had infield orientation!! I am so exited to get into the field! Then on Thursday we had Thanksgiving. It was proabably my favorite day in my entire MTC time. We heard Elder Dallin H. Oaks speak to us. It was amazing. Then we did a huge service project ( check the church humnanitarian news, you'll probably see pics of us). Afterwards we had a Thanksgiving lunch which was delicious and reminded me of home. At the end of the day we all sang outside and hung out by the Christmas lights. It was beautiful! We also watched "Seventeen Miracles." I was touched by the miracle that occured with our ancestors, the Rowleys. If that miracle had not happened, we probably all wouldn't be here today. 

How was your Thanksgiving? I miss you guys!! I keep thinking of you all! Mucho hugs and kisses!!! How is Black Friday going? Haha, I don't miss that day! Anyways, I can't believe I am leaving on Monday!!! I am so excited!!

Sister Sharie Rowley

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