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December 14, 2015

This week was an interesting one. We contacted one of our referrals who happened to be a pastor. We were excited to talk to him until we listened to him for a good 15 mins, bashing and telling us what we do and don't believe, only wanting to fight about religion. All we could do was testify, invite, and leave. There is no way we were going to fight back. We ended on a cordial note and thanked him for his time, then left. Lets' just say we had to hold tight to our testimonies. He told us we can hand out our books, and testify that we know Christ but at the last day He'll say He never knew us. It was harsh and we all took a beating, but we know He knows us. We feel Him everyday as we testify, so it will be a sad day when the pastor comes to the judgment seat and finds out that Christ would have him be more loving. I love hearing other people's beliefs, but when they put you down and try to tell you what you believe and that you don't know Christ, that is what I can't stand. It took a lot to stay friendly and calm. It was interesting because the moment we stopped testifying and the moment he started talking, that was the moment the spirit left the room. I know what I am doing is right and this is because the spirit has testified it to me as I pray. I am so happy that I have this gospel and that I have a relationship with Christ, my Savior!

We had a really awesome member lesson with one of our investigators! Members make the BIGGEST difference in missionary work! We talked about the Book of Mormon, praying, and receiving revelation for trials in life. The testimony the member shared was beautiful. It made the lesson and was just what our investigator needed! And the funny thing is the member wasn't sure her testimony was going to be good enough. This investigator has been through a lot, yet never fails to look at life in a positive light. I learn so much from these people. Having this member to relate to and talk to meant a lot to our investigator. 

I love our Spanish Branch so much!! The culture of the Spanish people is so loving. One of the families invited us to their family Christmas dinner on Sunday. There were three big families there.  It was so fun because it was like being among family again. We got to share a message, feel the spirit, and have tons of fun. Haha, the funny thing is, almost the whole Spanish branch is related. It's like a big family gets together every Sunday. 

Our Sundays are SO busy! We attend the English ward for three hours, then almost right after is the Spanish branch for three hours! (yes, church for 6 hrs) Then we have meetings and appointments after. But it's so fun getting to meet so many people. 

I can't explain how much I love these people. It has been such a great experience serving the Lord. I know that we have a Savior and that He loves us. I know He atoned for you and me and that He lives. I know that when we remember Him every day, He will bless us . Being on a mission has given me so much insight on who I want to be and how I want raise my family. It's a beautiful thing to be able to give even a little and have it change your life because of how much God gives back. I am so happy to have the knowledge of Christ. I am so grateful for scriptures and the pure love of Christ. This is why I am on a mission, to help others, even if it's just one person, feel God's love! 

I love you all! Think of Christ always but especially this Christmas season! Talk to you all next week :) 

"A Savior Is Born"-- have you guys seen that video yet? It's a two minute Christmas video where little children testify of Christ. It's on the Mormon channel. It's beautiful; every one should check it out!
Hermana Sharie Rowley

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