Saturday, December 10, 2016

February 1, 2016

It has been a slower week. We sadly had some people drop us. That's the hardest for me, when people don't want to change, no matter how happy you know this Gospel will make them! Let's just say we will be hitting the pavement this week and looking for more people whom God has prepared. But with faith anything is possible, no matter how difficult things are in the moment! All week, we had been praying that we would find people to teach. Nothing until Sunday night, right as we were heading into our apartments.We were waiting for the elevator, but it wasn't coming. Haha we had waited for a good few mins and the elevator still wasn't coming. Good thing it wasn't working because a man and his niece walked into the room. We talked to them, taught them, and then set up an appointment for later!! If the elevator had worked then we never would have found these people. When they left, the elevator opened! What a miracle! God answers prayers!
When life gets low, remember God loves you! 
I love the analogy of the man who asks his master what he can do to serve him. His master says to push that rock up the hill. So the man does, he pushes and pushes and pushes, but everytime he finally gets it close to the top, it falls back down. This keeps happening. and the man discovers he can never push the rock to the top. Finally, downtrodden, he comes to his master and says : master why has thou asked me to push this rock to the top of the hill if thou knows itll just fall back down and never reach the top? What's the point? The master responds: I never told you to get the rock to the top, i just said to push it up the hill. What have you gained? You are stronger now, because you have pushed it day after day and you are more than you were before you started. If we are doing what is asked of us by the Lord, we are going to be stronger and we are going to be able to help others be stronger.
I love you all! 
Sister Sharie Rowley

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