Saturday, December 10, 2016

January 11, 2016

What a week. I can't believe it has already been a transfer! I am happy to say that me and my companions are staying in London! We get to serve together for at least one more transfer! I was not ready to leave the people here. We have been putting our whole heart, soul, and selves into these people, and are seeing their progression! I love them! 

We met M_____ who is a mother of five kids. She knows all about our church due to many missionaries coming over and teaching. Also due to her husband being a Mormon for a time. She loves the missionaries! And we love her! 

We were going to teach L________ the first night I came into London, but the appointment fell through. We went contacting, and that is how we met one of our investigators, P_____! But then L____ called this week out of nowhere and said he wanted to serve a mission!! He has committed some sins in the past and wants to completely change his life around. The Lord works miracles!

P______ is one of a kind! He always says to keep smiling! No matter what you loose or what is taken away from you, you always have your smile. He has gone through a lot. Lost his business, house, wife, cars, motorcycle, has anxiety and depended on alcohol to hide all his problems for a time. He told us that before we met him that he would pray to God to take his life away. He would look for ways to take his life. But then he met us. He said we were sent to him just at the right time. Now he prays to God and thanks him for saving his life!!! He calls us his three little sisters, haha. What a blessing that God sent us at that time to P_____. God is aware of all of us! P_____ has quit drinking almost cold turkey. He is having some withdrawals and it's hard for him to see the reward sometimes. He still has some family problems. His issues have not disappeared but we see such a transformation in him from the first time that we met him!  He seems more capable, happier, and the light of Christ is coming into his eyes. His burdens will become lighter and he will see the huge reward of his efforts as he keeps pressing forward! We love coming and sharing the gospel with him because he has such a desire to change his life. 

We had zone conference and went to the temple this week! I love the temple! Then we awaited our fate Sunday night. If we received a call then that meant we would pack up our bags and get transferred somewhere in Ontario, wherever the Lord needed us. Haha, it was so stressful! Whenever the phone went off our hearts would pound out of our chest. But we didn't get a call!! I am so happy that we are staying as companions here in London! 

I love you all! 

Hermana Sharie Rowley

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