Saturday, December 10, 2016

January 4, 2016

This week has been one of my favorites. We have seen so many people progress! 

As a district (a group of us missionaries in the area) we went to Mucho Burrito after our meeting. Me and my companions met a Spanish family who had seen missionaries in El Salvador and were willing to meet with us! Then we had a conversation with the people behind us. I love how the mission requires you to be outgoing because we get to meet SO many people! And everyone is unique! The people behind us were super friendly. They told us we were some of the happiest people they have ever met.

P_________ is P________'s brother who got in an accident. We stopped by the hospital and sang to him on Christmas Eve. We have been teaching P______ along with P______ever since. Ever since P_______'s older brother has joined us in the lessons, P_______has been progressing immensely. Its so funny because he wants to be better than his brother when it comes to things we commit them to do! They are the best! They came to church on Sunday for the first time!! It was a huge step because P______ has an anxiety problem and P______ is still recovering from surgery. But they went to the first hour and enjoyed it!! 

M______ and E________! What a fun couple! They are in their 70's but they look like they are in their 50's! This couple is from Portugal. They are quite funny because they both have different perspectives. M_____ is the kindness! She told us the moment she invited us in her home she new this was true because of the sweet spirit we bring! What a miracle!! E_______ is so giving. But he has a hard time forgiving people. Because of this he wakes up unhappy and goes to bed unhappy. He feels like it's impossible for him to change because of the things people have done to him.  I can't wait to see the change as we continue to meet with them!

This Sunday we had a fun experience of locking our keys in the car.  After our six hours of church we managed somehow to lock our keys in the car as we were trying to scrape the mound of snow off. It was really funny. Luckily one of the members had CAA who came within 15 mins and unlocked the doors for us. 

This week I had a cool experience. I have so many weaknesses. But I know that God gives me weaknesses so that I can overcome them and become stronger, so that I can turn to Him and become more aware of His tender mercy and love. In reality my weaknesses are blessings. On a mission you need confidence everyday. I realize now that confidence is faith. Faith in God that He will strengthen you. Faith that you can do anything with Him. This week I prayed to God every time I felt incapable. I would say, "Lord I put all my weaknesses in your hands. I know I can't do it without you. Give me strength and courage." And it worked. I felt at peace, I felt confident, like I could do anything. The Lord is my strength; I will always lean on Him. 

We had so many of our investigators come to church!! I love working with these people! I can't even imagine not having gone on a mission and not having meet these people! I know I was called here in Canada for a reason! What a blessing to be here! I feel like I have already changed so much. God has been molding me to be His tool of bringing others to Him. Hope this new year brings you all happiness! I love you all!! 
Hermana Sharie Rowley

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